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Welcome to websites of the Biomedica Company.

Renowned manufacturer of drugs, healthcare products, food complements and herbal cosmetics, widely utilizing authentic natural products, which are known to help human body overcome problems caused by cold, flu, cough, muscle, joint and back pain as well as heavy legs feeling associated with varicose vein problems and vein insufficiency.

Herbal preparations developed by Biomedica feature high quality, efficiency and care. They reduce pain, tiredness, are beneficial for detoxification and strengthening human organism. The drugs are intended for internal use and massages using herbal gels and preparations, containing well-established natural essences and extracts.

Apart of own products, we offer raw materials for pharmaceutical production and cosmetics, production facilities for drugs but also production and filling of liquid preparations, syrups, alcohol solutions, production and filling bulk materials into vessels, capsules or packing pills into containers and blister pack. We also have large capacities for production of emulsions, gel and creams.

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